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If you've come across my blog, website, or social media channels before, then you know I'm all about crisis-proofing. And by that I mean taking your business from crisis-prone to crisis-proof with better self-care. I used to be a big believer in "work is work and schnapps is schnapps", as the old German saying goes - meaning that work and life are to be kept separate. Except that this doesn't fly for most entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs. 


Most entrepreneurs {including me} live and breathe their business. It's built on their values and beliefs, and separating it from their personal life is just not an option. Enter crisis-proofing. Better boundaries, more mindfulness, and stellar self-care make us stronger and our businesses benefit in turn. Being able to handle everything your clients {and life} throw at you and keep your business going strong? YES, PLEASE! That's what it's all about.


I'd love to take you behind the scenes of my business, and show you how I walk the walk. You in? Swell. Let's have a look at the last few weeks, when my husband and I  sold a house, bought a house, and moved our lives and business without losing our sanity. 

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Goals - The Ultimate Guide

Self-care, boundaries, mindfulness, and a business strategy in line with your values. They are the pillars of a crisis-proof business. How do you build those pillars? By setting and achieving goals. Being able to set and achieve goals is the entrepreneur's bread & butter. It's also quite often the bane of the entrepreneur's existence, the #1 thing we consistently struggle with. Let's talk about that, starting with a story...

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Top Ten Lessons After 4 Years Of Freelancing

September 1, 2017 marked the 4th anniversary of my freelance business. What started at the end of 2010 as a side hustle had grown to the point where I quit my day job and was able to make a full-time living. Sounds like a dream, eh? I have to honest, it's been an exceptional ride {mostly in pj's or without pants} and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I am grateful every single day for the opportunities I've had and I can't image ever working for someone else again {I'm a pretty dope boss to myself, just sayin'.}


Has it always been easy? No. Have there been challenges? You bet! That's life! Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grown, and I've put together the top ten lessons I've learned along the way. I hope you find them helpful!


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